Social Impact

The DFG Solution, You can count on!

Working with women has enabled us to develop a product-based supply of reusable sanitary pads, as we are well aware that many women and girls cannot afford to buy pads and resort to unsustainable, and unsafe methods during their period. This further has a negative effect as this group is often left behind in school or in life in general in comparison to their peers who can afford.

It is in this regard, we have partnered with Days for Girls (DfG) by manufacturing and supplying these beautiful menstrual health products’ that are built to last to both local and international clients who wish to support girls in our country, Eswatini, but do not know how. Together with DfG, we provide a locally driven sustainable source of menstrual health kits and menstrual health education to reach every girl child, Everywhere, Period. We are dedicated to strengthening women and girl’s sense of dignity and self-esteem by making sustainable feminine hygiene solutions and health education available in Eswatini.

The Days for Girls (DfG) Pad is a washable, reusable, beautiful menstrual health product that’s built to last. Its patented design, which includes a protective shield and absorbent liner, is backed by the latest menstrual health research and a decade of feedback from women around the world. It is a truly sustainable solution that menstruators count on month after month, for up to three (3) years

Why Choose DFG Pads?

  • Designed for maximum comfort and protection.
  • High user-acceptance.

  • Adapts easily to an individual’s flow.
    Requires little water for washing and dries quickly.
    Soft, super-absorbent cotton flannel with a moisture barrier.

    In alignment with our core business which is, raising Shentrepreneurs across the African Continent, placing your order directly from us, enables us to continue to do stick to this path as buying from us, creates an employment opportunity for women in Eswatini because our partner, DfG hires, trains and develops women across Eswatini to fabricate these reusable sanitary pads by carefully following the World Health Product for safe to use, reliable and durable re-usable and washable sanitary pad.

    Our Social Impact and Sustainability Practices

    To date, and in collaboration with Days for Girls, we have managed to reach 24,000 in-school girls with the washable pad and MH education. These are girls who some would have missed days of school because they did not have access to sanitary pads. Basically, our social enterprise supports women and girls who lack access to these essential products during their period.

    Some of the social impacts of our washable sanitary pad distributions are:

  • Improving the health and hygiene of women and girls, as unhygienic menstrual practices can lead to infections and diseases.
  • Enhancing the dignity and self-esteem of women and girls, as they can manage their menstruation with comfort and confidence.
  • Increasing the school and work attendance of women and girls, as they do not have to miss out on education and livelihood opportunities due to menstruation.
  • Empowering women and girls to participate in social and economic activities, as they do not face stigma and discrimination due to menstruation.
  • Promoting gender equality and women’s rights, as menstruation is recognized as a natural and normal process that deserves respect and support.
  • Our product / pad promotes sustainable menstruation allowing women and girls to have access to an option that will last them for a minimum of 3 years.

  • The DfG pad is a benefit to the body and the earth as there is no waste, no pollution, no plastic, no trash.
  • Reduces plastic waste that ends up in our landfills and veld.
  • It promotes accessibility of affordable, safe and sustainable menstruation products that all people who menstruate should have.
  • Our product is free of dangerous chemicals such as pesticides residues, bleach and other harmful products.
  • It is safe and easy to wash in a small amount of water and dries easily in the sun to kill bacteria.
  • Our pad lasts for a minimum of 3 years; thus, it can be used month after month.
  • It is a smart girl’s choice as it is economical, eco-friendly and lasts long.
  • To place your order or to learn more about this phenomenal product kindly CONTACT US and we will be glad to assist.
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