Mentorship Program

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Part of the unique value that WCW provides to our current or aspiring women entrepreneurs is thanks to our Pan-African Network of business professionals who share our commitment to uplifting women entrepreneurs throughout Africa. Our mentorship program is the right platform which connects women with business and career development coaches who dedicate their time, knowledge and years of industry experience towards building and growing sustainable businesses or sharing practical tips on how to stand out in the marketplace. WCW has collaborated with women who have a proven track record of success in their field of expertise and have outsourced women who genuinely believe in the power of giving back-through mentorship.

They teach what they know to help others grow. Every mentor brings to the table their unique personalities and set of experiences to this mentoring community. They range in industry from successful small business owners to women leading larger enterprises. Our mentors have volunteered their time towards raising the next generation of female entrepreneurs as their way of contributing to the growth and future of Africa’s economy. Both mentors and mentees gain significant benefit from these relationships as they navigate business challenges together. Contact us to be considered for our next group of mentors.

“My experience with Women of Crazy Wealth (WCW) exceeded any expectations I had prior to being accepted for the 3-months internship program in 2021. I truly felt empowered and supported from the very beginning. The woman who leads this organization, Ms. Sindi Dlamini, is so genuinely and selflessly invested in each and every one of our futures as interns, as well as our personal growth. Her work ethic is admirable, and I learned that to be something or someone in this life, you have to diligently and consistently apply yourself. The internship program helped to develop my organizational and leadership skills immensely. I was also exposed to a pan-African network of women through WCW’s business mentorship program and this kind of exposure enabled me to think beyond my borders when it comes to career paths.
As a Sales & Marketing Coordinator now, I remain grateful for the internship opportunity and would recommend any university student to apply for an internship at WCW, they will not regret it.” Siphesihle Fakudze – Associate Degree in Business Management, Limkokwing University of Technology

“In the year 2021, I was selected to take part in the pilot business mentorship program by WCW. At the time, my mentor was Ebun Feludo, CEO of JAM the Coconut food in Nigeria.
The mentorship program was a 12-week program and during those weeks my mentor took me through a variety of topics such as goal setting, the importance of a vision board, building a personal brand and so much more. She taught me the importance of conducting thorough research, what customers want, why they need what they want, and when they need that product or service? She taught me about the importance of my “WHY” as that is what would keep me going even in discouraging times of my business journey. I initially wanted to start a cleaning business, but I am now a successful network marketer, making great profit margins and confident in the manner in which I engage with customers.
I am thankful to WCW for granting me the opportunity to learn form an industry expert as I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not participated their business mentorship program.” Nomphumelelo Maziya – Associate Degree in Business Management, Limkokwing University of Technology

“I have a career spanning two decades working in the non-governmental sector in eSwatini with both local and international NGOs. In 2020 I had planned to shift gears and work exclusively in consulting. This is when I partnered with WCWs Founder and CEO, Sindi Dlamini on a consultancy. Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the consultancy fell through, however, our working relationship blossomed. I learned a lot from our partnership about myself but more importantly, I learned a lot from Sindi.
Her ability to birth ideas from concepts to reality is both inspiring and meticulous. She reminded me that hard work, consistency, and diligence has a bigger return than just profits, that is, the impact it has in people’s lives for positive change. Working with WCW’s Founder saw my Foundation, Will and Grace, finally being registered because she patiently, and consistently reaffirmed my purpose.
I appreciate working with Sindi because she mentored and walked me through a really dark period of feeling lost and directionless. I am proud to be a product of her mentorship. I continue to work with WCW today, as a stakeholder engagement officer for the I am Woman Conference." Nosipho Dlamini – Bachelor of Arts, Social Science, University of eSwatini.