Mastering the Business of your Talent

Joint Social Upliftment Fundraiser Event

Women of Crazy Wealth, teamed up with Bhala Africa, producers of reading and learning resources as well as several women owned companies in the form of a leadership empowerment and fundraising event, titled “Mastering the Business of Your Talent”, on the 2nd of December 2017.

This event brought together notable businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and aspiring individuals, with the aim of sharing insights, strategies, and experiences that would empower aspiring businesswomen to thrive in the business world. It fostered a supportive community environment where women could learn, connect, and grow together.

The brands and women networks that were part of this Joint Social Entrepreneurship Project were; Black Mamba, Afrobotanics, Bhala Africa, Transmagnific, Kim Magagula (Independent HerbaLife Coach), Floewe, Bahle Gallery and Yenziwe.

There was more brand representation present on the day in the form of pop-up shops from Simply Products, Honey Child and Twee’s Closet. All of these are women owned in celebrating the TimeLine of the Girl Child, especially as we observed, globally, that Abuse and Domestic Violence is growing all around us.

The fundraising element of this event was in support of the MINA Foundation, whose aim is to keep the girl child in school by providing them with re-usable menstrual cups that last for up to 5 years thus lessening the burden of not affording sanitary pads on a monthly basis. All the proceeds from the event ticket sales were donated to the procuring of the menstrual cups which saw a good number of girls benefit from this great initiative.

It is our great hope that we can continue to spearhead yet another joint social upliftment fundraising event as part of our corporate social responsibility drive in the near future and we look forward to collaborating with private sector business organizations as well as non-profit organizations that believe in the timeline of the girlchild. Contact us to learn all about how you can collaborate with us today.

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