I am Sindi Dlamini, the Founder and CEO of Women of Crazy Wealth (Pty) Ltd, Author and Public Speaker

Sindi Dlamini holds a post graduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce Degree Majoring in Business Management and Administration with Regent Business School in Eswatini. She is a seasoned entrepreneur with humor, compassion, revelatory insight and personal candor. She is an advocate for women’s socio-economic empowerment and the brains behind the Women of Crazy Wealth movement. Her passion is to help women tap into and fully explore their potential in as far as business is concerned.

She is also an African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperation (AWEC) alumnus and a published author of Ascending the Success Ladder though Servanthood as well as Purposeful living against all odds.

In 2020, she was selected out of over 6000 applicants from all over Africa as an African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperation (AWEC) Fellow. The AWEC program is a high, tough leadership and business management capacity building program which focuses on applied learning and collaborative experiences to ensure immediate business impact and the creation of a pan-African network of entrepreneurs, experts and allies.

A mother of three phenomenal children and overall champion of positive influence in all aspects of her life. To others she is referred to as the empowerment specialist and to some a voice of hope, but she’s just happy to be called Sindi.

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Key Achievements:

  • I am an African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) Fellow 2020;
  • I have served on the Board of Directors for two consecutive years (2014-2016) as the Board Secretary at Sivusative Nengcebo, an NGO in Eswatini dedicated to the social and economic improvement for women and youth;
  • I was a speaker at the International Day of the Girl Child in 2017, at the invitation of the Director of Gender and Family Issues, Deputy Prime Minister’s Office in Eswatini;
  • I was speaker at the United Nations Women Economic Empowerment Forum held in 2019, Eswatini;
  • I was a guest Speaker on the SABC 1 Daily Thetha show. My participation on this show was to encourage the youth to pursue agri-business as well as highlight the various methodologies that have managed to make agriculture “cool again”;
  • I was a panellist on an agriculture symposium hosted by Craving for Development in Sierra Leone, themed “adopting one health for an environmentally sustainable agriculture”;
  • Ascending the Success Ladder through Servanthood

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    In a world that only recognizes and honors the rich and powerful, Christ washed the feet of the Apostles. He took on the duties of the most loathsome servants in society of that time and painted a beautiful picture of servanthood for the leader desiring Kingdom principles of success.

    Ascending the Success Ladder though Servanthood is based on the author’s experience of having served in various sectors and people of society, young and old, she has served and continues to serve all. As you read the contents of this book, you will have a greater understanding based on the fundamentals of serving as well as find purpose as you embark on the journey of servanthood. As you read this book you will learn more about:

  • The definition of service;
  • Why it is important to serve;
  • How and Who to serve;
  • Spiritual qualities of a servant;
  • Responsibilities that come with serving;
  • The benefits of serving.

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    Ascending the Success Ladder Through Servanthood by Sindi Dlamini

    Purposeful Living Against All Odds

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    Purposeful living against all odds is an exceptional narration that fits into all spheres of life, be it a journey of wealth, the walk of faith, family reconciliation and so much more.

    In the pages of this book lies the very fiber of an intriguing tale of the author's journey of being born into wealth, losing it all, leading right up to God's restoration plan at work in her life. Determined to win, Sindi never allowed her circumstances to define her innate ability to create wealth and in turn transform the lives of others as a true message of hope. Be inspired as you connect and learn from Sindi's resilient spirit and mind-set

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    Purposeful Living Against All Odds by Sindi Dlamini

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