The I am woman conference is a concept or vision of Sindi Dlamini, who’s heart is truly centered around moving women forward in every way possible. What began as just an idea in 2017 saw itself becoming a reality in October 2023, which is when the conference was officially launched in the Kingdom of eSwatini.

The conference has since grown and has now expanded into South Africa. The goal is such that every year, this conference will bring together a group of like-minded women who are passionate about their professional and personal development growth, women who celebrate one another unapologetically and women who are key in amplifying one another’s voices as well as imparting knowledge, insights and experiences in a bid to keep propelling women forward.

Each year we carefully select a star-studded line-up of women speakers from across the African Continent to ignite, equip and empower our women in attendance on the day of this conference. For each conference, there is a theme, and speakers are encouraged to speak in relation to that theme. This is not just a conference where speakers speak and attendees listen, but it is a platform that is engaging, and we have sessions where the audience gets to engage or pose questions to the speakers on the day for further understanding.

This event always closes with a networking session for further mingling and getting to know one another beyond the context of the event. Great food, drinks and music are the order of this part or phase of the event.

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